Linux is faster. The speed compares to XP™
Linux is immune to 99% of all viruses/spyware.
Linux is so easy to operate, grandma can use it.
Linux can run on an old Pentium III computer.
Linux is stable and system crashes are rare.
Use Linux to make your old box run like a P-4.
Best of all, Linux is free! FREE as in Freedom!

  You will just love Linux. I guarantee it!


Virus and Spyware Free! Linux is immune to 99% of viruses and spyware. You can surf in the worst neighborhoods on the web and not worry about your computer getting screwed up. Download music movies and games and not worry about trojans and adware. You no longer need to fear opening attacthments in you email and getting a system wrecking worm. Unlike in windows systems, when the browser pop-up blocker is set, YOU DON’T GET POP-UPS!
Ultra Stable & Reliable! Many commercial Linux servers have been known to run for six years or more without a single system crash! With Linux, viruses and spyware can’t change your system settings or destroy your computer. This is why over 75% of servers are Linux powered! Even hackers can’t change your settings enough to cause serious problems. Avoid the blue screen of death and use Linux!
So Easy to Use! A six year old child can use Linux! If you have been using Mac or Windows, the learning curve for Linux is so very easy. Just like with Windows, you can “cut & paste”, “copy & paste”, “drag & drop”, and save online images to your computer. Linux is made to be simple for the computer novice and is very fool proof.
Tons of Free Software and Games! Over 9,000 FREE SOFTWARE programs are available for Linux. Downloading and installing the software is easy with the awesome and simple package manager. Most programs available for windows are also available as clone or replica software for Linux. Included is the Open Office suite and The Gimp Image Editor. Open Office is a powerful office suite that can read and write Microsoft™ Word™ and Excel™ documents. Open Office can even take text or HTML files and make a PDF document! The Gimp Image Editor compares very well to Adobe™ Photoshop™. Over 30 fun games are included on the CD. Some of my favorites are: Video Poker, Blackjack, Battleship, Asteroids, and Tetris.
Hardware Compatable. Linux works with almost all hardware and networking. Printers, scanners, digital cameras, cable modems, DSL modems, network routers, and wireless devices. Linux supports all motherboards, video cards, plus all Intel and AMD CPUs. There are drivers for about everything, and Linux finds your hardware automatically. The only thing Linux does not like are older winmodems. Linux does not work well on Apple computers.
Try a live bootable CD. You can try a free live CD version of Linux first if you want. The CD does run slow, but it will give you a good idea of what linux is like. Put it in your CDROM and reboot your computer. You want shock and awe? This is what you will get the first time you see Linux on CD. The FREE live CD, is also the install CD,

Popular Software Comparison

Windows Based PC Linux For Home PC
M$ Office Suite™ Open Office (100% MSO compatable)
Adobe Photoshop™ The Gimp Image Editor
Internet Explorer Mozilla Firefox
Limewire P2P Frostwire P2P
eMule P2P aMule P2p
Bittorrent Download Ktorrent Download
Adobe Acrobat Reader™ KPDF PDF Reader
Acrobat 9™ PDF Creation Open Office Writer PDF Export
Wordpad Text Editor KWrite Text Editor
MS Outlook™ email Thunderbird email client
WS-FTP upload client gFTP upload client
Dreamweaver™ (html editor) Quanta Plus (html editor)
Nero CD/DVD Burning K3b CD/DVD Burning
Windows Media Player™ KMPlayer, MPlayer, Kaffeine
WinZip Archiving Tool ARK Archiving Tool
Adobe Flash Player Adobe Flash Player
Adobe Illustrator, MS Visio™ Inkscape, Dai
MS Publisher™ Scribus
Quicken, MS Money™ KMyMoney, GnuCash
AutoCad 2D CAD Program QCad 2D CAD Program
Norton or McAfee (antivirus) None Needed. None Needed.