In this week’s net-neutral iPhone app roundup: Wild Things, physics games, Photoshop!, Twitter again (but that’s ok!), horse music, human music, and much, much more.


Where the Wild Things Are: Promotional apps are normally garbage, and in a few areas, this is a little fluffy (though there’s some neat media in here—it’s fairly generous). But hey, the people marketing this movie know exactly whose heartstrings they’re pulling at, and how to pull them. And the 3D monster toy is genuinely cool. Free.


iBlast Moki: A visually stunning physics-based platformer, with bombs. The levels are puzzles, but they don’t feel like work at all. A very, very safe buy at a dollar.


Photoshop: This app bears almost no resemblance to the Photoshop we all know and steal love. That’s fine though, because it’s a serviceable photo-editing (on the iPhone, this means filters, cropping, and a few other tricks) app that is free, unlike virtually all of its competition.

Tweetie: Few people like Twitter as much as Matt, and Matt likes few things as much as Tweetie 2: The $3 app is described as

the most polished Twitter app yet, oozing slickness with every swipe. Yet, it’s exploding with new features, and still really fast.

“Tweet tweet?” “Who’s there?” “THE WORST JOKE YOU’VE EVER HEARD.”


Weight Watchers: I’ve never thought about my diet too much, which means my life will be short, brutal and tasty. But I have seen people using WeightWatchers, and they seemed to sorta like it, and sometime get less fat! An iPhone app pretty much seems like the ideal tool for keeping a food journal, plus this one’s free.

Pet Acoustics: Excuse me everyone, I’ve got an announcement: People write muzak for dogs. And cats. And horses! Then they put it in iPhone apps, so you can use it to soothe your stable of animals, uh, on the go? This makes me laugh, which makes me happy. (Though I have absolutely no idea if it works, because my Labrador only listens to gangsta rap.) Two dollars.

Command & Conquer: Red Alert: This one isn’t out yet, but I defy you to name a game franchise that needs an iPhone title more than C&C. TouchArcade got an early hands-on, and they say it’s fantastic—and surprisingly faithful to the original.

Rock Band: Another long-overdue addition to the store, Rock Band, the app, is kind of a jerk: While it was taking foreeever to show up, companies like Tapulous stepped in an made decent rhythm games to fill the void. Now that it’s here, and it looks great—multiple instruments, a decent song list—it’s going to poop on everyone else’s party. It’ll be here in a few weeks, price TBD.

MotionX Drive GPS: It’s not brand-new, but it’s too good a value not to mention here. $3 a month, or 25 per year is amazing for a turn-by-turn nav app, and Wilson enthusiastically deemed it to be fine:

I am not going to tell you this is the best turn-by-turn road navigation app in the world. The designers made some funny UI choices, there’s no multi-destination or point-on-map routing, it doesn’t have text-to-speech, and it only runs in portrait mode, taking up awkward space on my dashboard. Still, there’s almost no reason not to get it.